10 Best Above Ground Pools Canada 2021

Sundown is a great time for you and your family to relieve stress and eliminate the fatigue after a long working day. If you are concerned about which one is the most suitable for you, our current top ten best above ground pools in Canada below will help you out.

Instead of going to the crowded public swimming pools, an above ground pool at home will be an attractive selection for your whole family this summer.

Let’s scroll down to discover!!!

10 Best Above Ground Pools Available on the Market

Intex 26325EH Above Ground Pool – Best for Overall

Our top pick for you is the above ground pool from Intex with a model number of 26325EH. With the size of 16ft x 48in and galvanized steel frame, it is perfect for families with two adults and three kids around to enjoy an endless summer. 

One feature you might like about this pool is its inclusive ladder. Some other above ground pools don’t have a ladder with it, which makes it less convenient. 

In terms of warranty, the Intex manufacturer promises to guarantee their product in two years. Therefore, users can utilize the above ground pool without any worries. 

But, some customers aren’t satisfied with the pool’s direction. They say it lacks many details, which makes it hard to set up the Intex pool. An easy solution here is to throw away the instruction and look it up on Youtube.


  • Durable
  • Inclusive ladder
  • Two-year warranty


  • Undetailed direction for use

Bestway 56597E Above Ground Pool – Best Value for Money

Winning our pick’s runner-up of our pick, we would like to introduce the Bestway 56597E above ground pool to you. At a price under $300, it is decent for your money.

Many customers like this pool because of its oval-shape, high-quality steel frame design, making it more durable and stable. 

To set up and maintain the pool, Bestway is proud of its easy assembly. Users spend one hour a half on completing the set-up without any extra tools.

Bestway 56597E swimming pool will be perfect in every aspect as it comes with a ladder and pump. So you have to purchase this lacking equipment separately.


  • Decent for money
  • Durable and stable
  • Easy set-up


  • Lack of ladder and pump

Intex 26167EH Above Ground Pool – Best for Easy Installation

The best above ground pool coming next is the Intex 26167EH pool. If you are looking for a frameless swimming pool, this one is definitely for you. 

With its construction, the installation is not difficult at all. Just by pumping the air into its top ring, and here your above ground pool. How easy it is!

Similar to our first pick, this product includes a removable ladder and a filter pump. 

One minus point of this Bestway 26167EH is its unstable price. Some customers are shocked about the price changing quickly after one season. To buy it at an affordable price, you should usually check its price if under $500.


  • Easy set-up
  • Frameless construction
  • Included ladder and pump


  • Unstable price

Bestway Rectangular Above Ground Pool – Best for Budget

The next best above ground pool, the Bestway rectangular pool, will bring you the best experiences to stay cool on hot summer days at an affordable price.

As its name suggests, this model comes with the shape of a rectangle. Hence, how easy it is to set up and store seasonally! 

Bestway is doing a good job in maintaining the product’s quality despite its low price. The side wall’s polyester mesh and PVC material increases the pool’s durability and sturdiness relatively.

However, some customers have some issues with the bottom of the pool. It quickly leaks water after a month of use. We recommend you should put an additional canvas as a ground cloth to protect and strengthen the bottom.


  • Affordable
  • Easy set-up and storage
  • High quality


  • Poor-quality bottom

Homech HM-HF002 Above Ground Pool – Best for Inflatability

A good suggestion for a limited budget is the Homech HM-HF002 above ground pool. In the price range under $70, the Homech pool has the following optimal features: 

To begin with, it is famous for its inflatability. Most customers who purchased this item praise it for that feature. It is also easy to put up and down.

It is ideal for a group of children or a couple of adults as customer reviews. With the dimension 94.88 x55.91 x 21.97 inches, we suppose the size is large enough for family use. 

Unfortunately, the pool isn’t strong enough to keep its shape. If you aim to use the above ground pool in a short summertime, you probably should have this Homech.


  • Low price
  • Inflatable
  • Ideal for two adults or a group of children


  • Not durable

Intex 57453NP Above Ground Pool – Best for Small Kids

An awesome choice for a kiddie pool is the Intex 57453NP. It’s more like a play center than a pool due to its shape.

The pool consists of a water slide, water sprayer, ring toss game and many balls. The kids are now enjoying their swimming pool.

Based on customer reviews, the customers love watching their children having a great time with the new pool. It can take on four to five small kids.

Coming at a low price, it is poor quality. Some customers complain that the product deflates easily after two times use. So it is necessary to have a backup air compressor to fill the air for the next use.


  • Cheap
  • Ideal for kids
  • Included accessories


  • Deflatable

Intex 28272NP Above Ground Pool – Best for Family

We continue to give you helpful reviews on another above ground pool, the Intext 28272NP, the best option for your family. We are paying under $200 to have a swimming pool in your backyard; why not! 

With the dimension 118.11 x78.74 x 29.93 inches, members in a family can pamper themselves in the pool comfortably. Specifically, an adult can lounge inside the pool with some children swimming around. 

Despite how big the pool is, many users find it quick and easy to set up independently with no problem. 

However, the product doesn’t come with a ladder and even a pump. And so you have to pay more to buy these lacking elements separately.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for family
  • Easy set-up


  • Lack of ladder and pump

Bestway 56631E Above Ground Pool – Best for Durability

One more selection from the Bestway line of swimming pools is their rectangular pool with a model number of 56631E. It specializes in durability, which provides a longer-lasting use.

A feature that makes this pool stronger than its counterparts is the stainless steel frame. Combined with a seal and lock system, the design has helped the pool strengthen.

The instruction is a plus point for the Bestway 56631E. With clear three steps and no tools required, you can set it up with ease. 

One problem is the poor customer service. If there are any problems, you will deal with them by yourself essentially.


  • Durable
  • Clear instruction
  • Easy to set up


  • Poor customer service

Intex 26373EH Above Ground Pool – Best for Large Space

We continue to give you another best above ground pool – the Intex 26373EH fool. This pool is the largest on our list. You even can hold a pool party for more than ten people.

The set-up size of 32ft x 16ft x 52ft can be one of the biggest above ground pools available on the market. Despite the large size, the Intex pool has durable materials and a strong wall making it last through lots of summer seasons.

The same as our top list, this product has a two-year warranty. 

One noteworthy point, the larger the pool is, the more it costs. With the price higher than $2000, it’s truly expensive. If money is no problem and you have a big yard, this one is the best for you.


  • Big enough for party pool
  • Super durable
  • Two-year warranty


  • Pricey

Summer Waves Above Ground Pool – Best for Small Backyards

Our final suggestion for you is the fool from Summer Waves. Its dimension is a great choice for those who have a small backyard.

Many customers are very happy when they buy this product because this medium pool fits their small yard perfectly. Moreover, it is also easy to assemble just in minutes. 

One stand out feature of Summer Waves pool is the dark grey wicker pattern outside. Most users like its color since it makes their backyard look more stylish and luxurious.

It, however, has a negative aspect. Based on user reviews, it’s not durable. After using it for a few weeks, there will be some spots with leaking water. 


  • Fit for small yards
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish exterior


  • Not durable