7 Best Acrylic Bathtubs 2021

The durability of a product is the joy of most buyers. This is the same thing as for does going for a bathtub. If you are in search of a bathtub that can be used for an extended period without getting fault or the design fading, acrylic bathtubs are your best choice.

This bathtub is not only just durable alone, but it is affordable and portable which makes it easy to be moved from one place to another. Getting the best model of this bathtub might look difficult for you. This article is written to give you the best bathtubs you would want to get.

Top 7 Acrylic Bathtubs

Woodbridge B-0012/BTA-1506 59” Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

As we know Woodbridge for unique toilet products so also it has unique bathtubs. This model of its bathtub comes to a faucet, unlike most acrylic bathtubs. This bathtub comes in a high-glossy white acrylic construction makes it durable and at the same time giving both the bathroom and the tub come with a modern look.

On top of that, it has an easy installation procedure that helps to keep extra cash that would have been paid for the service of a plumber. It has doubled walled design that provides the tub water with maximum insulation that keeps the water warm always. It comes with Ergonomic design which forms the body shape to give maximum comfort during relaxation.

If you are looking for a tub that helps to soak away all stress and worries after a long day work, this bathtub is a good option for you. This tub is resistant to microorganisms such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungi that cause stains on the design of the tub. This tub is also an odorless one. It has a capacity of 55 gallons of water. For its warranty, it has a five-year warranty for the bathtub surface and one year warranty for plumbing.


  • Large water capacity
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Microorganism resistant and odorless
  • Has a large size
  • Comes with five-year warranty


  • One-year limited warranty

American Standard 2461.002.222 Cambridge 5-feet Bath Tub

This is our runner-up best acrylic bathtub. This tub comes in three (3) different colors namely white, bone and linen. With this tub having various forms of color, users are given the liberty to choose the color that suits their taste.

As a result of the integral apron that is present in this tub, the installation procedure is made easy. Also, this integral apron helps to save money has extra expense hiring a plumber for installation would be avoided. This tub is large and has a space that can take to users at a time.

The spacious nature of this tub also makes your relaxation easy and memorable. It combines Americast material and high glossy porcelain material to give the tub not only a sleek design and elegance but also make it strong and durable. The porcelain material comes with stainless steel which prevents the design of the tub from fading or discovering.

In addition to that, it is a lightweight bathtub that can be moved from one place to another without difficulties. As a user of this tub, you don’t need to worry about getting injured because the surface of this tub is slip-resistant. It has a large capacity that takes up to 60 gallons of water.


  • Comes with the combination of Americast and porcelain material
  • Multiple colors
  • It is a lightweight tub
  • Has stainless steel surface
  • Easy installation


  • Limited lifetime warranty

American Standard 27264014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

This bathtub is an expensive one. It combines its pricey rate with outstanding performances. It comes with a sleek contemporary styling which makes the bathroom attractive and at the same time gives it elegance. It is made from a high-glossy acrylic material which makes it strong and durable. It is a freestanding tub with an extra deep bathing well. It is a tub that comes in a complete kit.

All you need for the installation of this tub such as high-quality drain and overflow, acrylic tub filler and hand spray all which makes the bathtub unique. With the bathtub coming in a complete kit, the installation procedure is easy and does not require the service of a plumber.

What’s more? It comes with a full accessory storage deck and pre-level tub bottom for natural relaxation. It has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Has high-glossy acrylic material
  • Has storage deck and pre-level tub bottom
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with extra deep bathing well
  • Comes with a complete kit


  • Expensive
  • Has limited lifetime warranty

American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Bathtub

Unlike most bathtubs, this tub comes in four primary different colors namely arctic white, bone, linen, and white. This multiplicity in color gives the user the freedom to choose any that suits the bathroom of use. It is a tub that is made from a durable acrylic material with a fiberglass reinforcement that does not only makes it durable and reliable but also adds elegance to the bathroom. Although the tub is sturdy, it is a lightweight one and can be easily carried from one particular place to another.

With its pre-leveled bottom tub, the tub is easy to install and also avoid the extra cash which would have been paid for the service if a plumber. It has a large water capacity which could take 60 or more gallons of water. It is suitable for causal bathroom décor.

It is the best choice for users who are in search of an affordable bathtub as this tub comes at a low price. It comes with dual molded-in armrest alongside with undermine options. It has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Multiple colors
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight for easy movement
  • Made from an acrylic design
  • Has large water holding capacity


  • Has limited lifetime warranty

AKDY F210 Bathroom white Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

This is one of the best freestanding bathtub made from acrylic. Unlike most tubs, this bathtub comes along with faucet that adds more elegance to the tub. It has pearl white acrylic finish that makes the tub strong and durable and also gives it a sleek design for the attraction of the users. With its acrylic finish, scratches and all forms of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and mildew are restricted from the surface of the tub.

It also comes with a double-walled construction that keeps the water warm at all time of usage. It has a curved contour shape that makes relaxing at an excellent comfort. This shape also helps to soak away all stresses and worries. With its flexible drainage pipe, used water is removed in a jiff and clean itself immediately.

It has the water capacity of 79 gallons of water for adequate bathing. This tub has stainless steel which prevents the design from fading or discoloration thereby enhancing the durability of the bathtub. It has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Has stainless steel
  • Comes with a faucet
  • Has double walled construction
  • Comes with a flexible drainage pipe
  • Has large water capacity


  • 12 months limited warranty

Ove Decors Racheal 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Of all acrylic bathtubs, this tubs combines unique features with durability and affordable price. It has some features that make it unique from other tubs. If you are in search of a bathtub that combines affordability with sleek design and great performances, this tub is the best choice for you. This tub is made from an acrylic material that is mixed with fiberglass to keep the tub from any stain or scratch. The acrylic fiberglass also helps the tub to maintain its color for an extended period without fading.

Unlike most tubs which usually have their whirlpool on the left-hand side, this bathtub has its bathtub at the center which makes the drainage of wa10-year waste convenient. It has an easy, and non-expensive installation procedure has the service of a plumber won’t be needed. As a result of its great features, it is certified by both the CSA and ULC. Another fantastic feature of this bathtub is that it has a 10-year warranty.


  • Has affordable price
  • Comes 10-years combination of acrylic and fiberglass material
  • Certified by both the CSA and ULC
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Has large size

MAYKKE Harrow 59” Modern Oval Acrylic Bathtub

This is our recommendation as the best acrylic bathtub. This bathtub comes with different outstanding features that make it unique. It comes in a large of 59 inches. Its large size makes it comfortable for all users to soak away their stress and worries. It comes with insulation that keeps the water warm always making your relaxation warm and cool.

It is made from an acrylic material that makes it durable and robust for an extended period. It has an easy installation procedure that does not require the service of a plumber. This tub has both interior and exterior smooth and perfect finish. It is a freestanding oval-shaped bathtub with sleek modern design. This bathtub has 47 gallons of water capacity that makes it cUPC certified.

With its polished chrome trim pop up drain, used water is eradicated from the tub, and it cleans it instantly. Also, this tub is an overflow one in which splashes of water that can cause mess is prevented. It has a one-year limited warranty. Although this bathtub is expensive, its price simply worth its astonishing performances.


  • Has a large size
  • Easy installation
  • Large water capacity
  • cUPC certified
  • Made from an acrylic material


  • Expensive
  • Has only 12 months warranty

Buying Guide

Acrylic is one of the best types of bathtubs. So before going for an acrylic bathtub, some factors must be put into consideration. Some of these are:


This is an essential factor to consider. This is because most bathtubs come in different sizes. Some comes in a large size that makes your relaxation an easy one and can even take two people at a time, while others come in a small size.

Large size bathtubs are most times expensive and eat up large space compared to small size bathtubs which are most times cheap, and they have a compact design. So before going for an acrylic bathtub, it is crucial to measure the length of your bathroom for perfect installation of the tub.

Finish and Material

These various bathtubs come in different final and colors that make them unique. Most of them are made from acrylic material that makes them strong and durable. Other is made from a porcelain finish which although makes them strong but not at the same level as the acrylic material. Also, the acrylic materials do not fade or discolor compared to other finish and material that only last for a short period.


Taking this factor into consideration is essential. This is because bathtubs with easy installation process help to keep extra cash which might have been spent on plumber service while the one of complicated installation process takes more time and might require additional expenses.

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