10 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Canada 2021

Asphalt driveway sealer is multiple uses but mainly used as a barrier against cracks under the sealant. Asphalt is typically mostly used in the filling of gaps or holes in a driveway or parking lot asphalt. Thereby asphalt driveway sealer allows for waterproofing and reducing the chance of water damage to driveways and parking lots in most instances. In this article, we’re going to introduce and evaluate the top best asphalt driveway sealers for your better choice.

Top 10 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer in Canada

Driveway EZ Stir Asphalt Sealer – Best For Blacktop Cover

If you want a filler that can fill the role of a sealer beautifully, then it is EZ Stir Driveway Asphalt Sealer. All you have to do to use this product is to remove it before use without other great preparation time is required.

This product is designed exclusively for surfaces with blacktop. Depending on the porosity, environment, and roughness of the surfaces, the product can cover up to 250 square feet. 

The additional advantage is that it dries fast as your driveway will be ready for regular use within just 4 hours. However, you can not drive through on it for up to 48 hours. 

This product can not be used on any other surface as it is just for blacktop.


  • Great filler and easy to use
  • For blacktop cover up to 250 square feet
  • Fast dry within 4 hours


  • Unable to apply on other surfaces

Asphalt Patch – Best For The Ability To Seal Surfaces

Asphalt Patch and Potato Filler feature a flexible, fast-drying mixture of limestone, quartz, a petroleum solvent, and a petroleum asphalt base. This function gives its impeccable capacity to penetrate and the ability to seal surfaces that provide harsh elements with protection against damage.

The asphalt patch operates above 15 degrees F at all environmental conditions. The substance can protect your driveway from acid, alkaline, and cold weather.

You can use it easily without previous experience. This product is great for car parks, play areas, and entrances to the house.

If this product is not applied correctly, it might lead to dark patches on your driveway so you might think about other layers when using this product.


  • Fast-drying and the ability to seal surfaces
  • Protection against damage above 15 degrees F.
  • Easy to use


  • Lead to dark patches on driveway

Road Rescue Asphalt Repairer – Best For Superior Coverage

Road Rescue AP-500 Asphalt Repairer has a 10-pack asphalt patch that is suitable for extensive repairs, covering 70 sq Ft at a 1-inch depth. It will remove your floor problems with asphalt patches simply, cheaply, and permanently. 

The pack asphalt can be used in any environmental condition such as cold, wet, or dry. It avoids oxidative degradation and unusual heat from your driveway.

This product protects your access road from such elements as water and mold and standard corrosion on asphalt roads like UV rays and heavy-duty traffic.

However, the pack asphalt has unnatural color, which leaves the accessway, sidewalks, and patios are not the same color on the appearance of the surfaces.


  • Covering 70 sq Ft at a 1-inch depth
  • Use in any environmental condition
  • Waterproof  


  • Unnatural color

 Henry Driveway Asphalt Pothole Patch – Best Easy-To-Use

The Henry Pothole Patch is easy to stir and apply for your driveway. You can start with the shovel and add water so that water evaporates to make the sealer hardens the way through. This patch preserves your driveway and refined appearance an esthetic attraction to it. The Henry Blacktop repair patch for use on asphalt surfaces, which protects from water and plugs every hole and crack. 

The product also guarantees that your drive can handle all forms of weather and that the summer heat is not driving or falling.

After use, it has a bad smell for a long time, but it will become normal until your driveway dries.


  • Easy to stir and apply
  • Use on asphalt surfaces
  • Weather-resistant


  • Bad smell

Red Devil Repair Putty – Best For Water-resistant

In this market, the Red Devil Repair Putty is a good option for your driveway. This product provides durable and flexible fill as an acrylic sealant and is water-resistant as well.

It will quickly dry, easy to clean up after application and at a low price. It is usable on dry or wet surfaces even suitable for waterproofing, repair, and sealing of roofs, chimneys, and skyscrapers.

The Red Devil 0637 Repair Putty provides a durable, flexible, and weather-resistant seal for cracks and joints in asphalt driveways. It helps your driveway smooth and not slippery.  

The product will not last very long depending on the surface area you cover, so be careful to know how large space you are using this product.


  • Water-resistant
  • Quickly dry and easy to clean up
  • Weather-resistant


  • Short-lived in some area

Bluestar Asphalt Crack Filler – Best For Small cracks and spot-treatments

Bluestar asphalt crack filler is the best solution for you if you need a product for small cracks and spot-treatments. The product comes in a 14-unit squeeze bottle that’s as quick as cutting the application tip into the break and squeezing the bottle. 

This product can accommodate splitting up to an inch wide unlike other products that can only tackle splits of up to 3⁄4″ or less. Therefore, this product is flexible and provides a waterproof seal that prevents further damage.

This product used for the air temperature is 50 degrees F or higher and no rain on any driveway. You need to check the temperature before using it. 

The product is liquid if it’s cold it’s hard to squeeze out of the bottle.


  • Small cracks and spot-treatments
  • Flexible and waterproof
  • High temperature


  • Hard to squeeze if the cold temperature

Driveway Elastomeric Crack Filler – Best For Excellent seal

Driveway Elastomeric Crack Filler is a mixture of rubber, asphalt, and an adhesive inside the bottle, which ensures a strong clamping of the crack. At high pressure and high temperature, the ingredients are mixed to produce an innovative crack repair solution.

The product provides good coverage, remains colorful. The results in a product with outstanding adhesiveness and flexibility that helps avoid water penetration in the driveway.

Inlet Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler offers the top of the tiny bottle packed with the liquid polymer inside so you stick in the crack. It is easy and flexible to use.

This product is only used for cracks of up to 1⁄2″ thick. Although it works incredibly well if you are struggling with the large crack then it is not a suitable product.


  • Provides an excellent seal
  • Good coverage and remains colorful
  • Easy and flexible to use.


  • Unable for a large crack

Blacktop Crack Filler – Best For High-quality Product

Blacktop Crack Filler is an easy to use and high-quality product. It is solid to stick to the asphalt in any 1/8 ft (3mm) or larger areas and offers an excellent grip on the surface of your driveway.

The color of Blacktop can first appear light but change with hardiness. When dry, it has a dark texture like sandpaper, which matches in well with the surrounding asphalt. 

It offers smell better, avoids oxidation, and releases volatile organic compounds to low or zero volatility. Therefore, it’s safe for your skin if you accidentally touch it.  

The drawback of this product is the dry time of up to 120 hours, you can not walk through it until dry.


  • Easy to use and high-quality product
  • Natural color
  • Avoids oxidation and nice smell


  • Dry time long

Rust-Oleum Epoxy Asphalt Coating – Best For Advanced acrylic bitumen coating

The rust-oleum epoxy asphalt coating is made by advanced acrylic bitumen coating. Its uses as painting and seamlessly cleanses with soap and water. Using this sealer, you can use less and save your budget for the driveway. 

It dries in 4 hours after using the product and in 24 hours after using the vehicle. The products do not impact a person when they progress because the smell is tiny. The cover of the crack will leave a lasting impression on your driveway with its unique formula.

The rust-oleum epoxy asphalt coating formula helps to avoid chemical compounds, grease, UV rays, petrol, and others to destroy your surface.

The sealer fails to properly bind when you stick with such substances as oil, grease, dirt, or oxidized surfaces. This is why the area where the sealer use should wash before use. 


  • Advanced acrylic bitumen coating
  • Dry fast and nice smell
  • Avoid chemical compounds


  • Need to clean the area before use 

Cofair Asphalt Repair Decal 609MD – Best For Asphalt

Cofair Asphalt Repair Decal is a perfect repair kit for asphalt. It is very user-friendly and available at a very affordable price. In the progress that this kit takes just a few seconds presses to cover up and screen the surface of your driveway.

Because of its sealing capabilities, you must clean the driveway before using it. The product ensures that it is waterproof and can last long without any damage.

Another great benefit of using this particular product is that you can start using the road even with vehicles immediately. However, Cofair Asphalt Repair Decal might not be usable in cold temperatures.


  • User-friendly and affordable price
  • Waterproof
  • Fast dry time


  • Unable to use in cold temperature

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