Top 10 Best Car Air Filter in Canada

With the increasing intensity of environmental pollution, having a good quality car air filter brings many great benefits. A best car air filter will help your car’s engine save more fuel and increase engine combustion efficiency. In addition, the intake airflow sensors will also function correctly for optimum performance. There are many types of car … Read more

5 Best Synthetic Oil Canada 2021

Many people still believe that synthetic oils are just a marketing ploy from lubricant manufacturers to milk more cash from car owners. They think that synthetic oils can’t yield any important performance gains and overall, are just a waste of money. But real-life tests have pointed out that it’s actually not the case. Broadly speaking, … Read more

10 Best Dash Cam Reviews Canada 2021

A dashcam video is a system capable of capturing anything outside the vehicle. Dash cameras can also monitor what is going on around the main cabin and behind the car. People use dash cams for a range of reasons, like safety or evidence of what happened in the event of an emergency. We looked at … Read more