Bathtub Reviews Canada Consumer Reports 2021: Top Rated Picks

Today, there are several bathtubs on the market constructed with different materials. Some people have suffered the misfortune of purchasing tubs been built with the worst materials. Nevertheless, there are great ones on the market constructed with high-quality materials, of which we have acrylic bathtubs.

Acrylic bathtubs retain heat well and are stain-resistant. They have been proven to be durable and beautiful.

3 Best Bathtubs Reviews

ARIEL Platinum PS118-7034 Valencia 70″ Inch x 34″ Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

The Ariel Platinum is one of the best acrylic bathtubs on the market. This 70-inch bathtub is not only big and spacious enough to accommodate two bathers. Also,  it has a beautiful design that will blend in with the decor of your bathroom and make a huge statement. You would be surprised at how a bathtub can suddenly change the look of your shower.

This oval bathtub is made with acrylic, a popular bathtub material that has been tested and proven for durability and beauty. It can hold 92 capacity of water, phew! It is designed with concealed footpegs for even balancing, so it does not drag and damage your floor while trying to adjust it. Installation is super easy as it is freestanding.


  • Elegant, classy and spacious
  • Durable material with high water-holding capacity
  • Comes with pop-up chrome drain and overflow


  • Takes lots of water to fill
  • Faucet is sold separately
  • No warranty

1001Now Cesano Black 63″ Clawfoot Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

One of the uniquenesses of this bathtub is its feet. Yeah, you heard right: it has feet. Not just feet but stunning brass lion claw feet. No one will behold this beauty without falling in love with these feet. Well, these claw feet are not just for decoration; they have a purpose for being attached to the bathtub asides the fact that they help make a statement.

The brass lion claw feet set the bathtub correctly on the floor, evenly balancing it. They sturdily bear the weight of the tub and the bather. In case you have an uneven ground surface, you can adjust the claw feet for your bathtub to sit balanced.


  • A beautiful mix of black exterior and white interior
  • Adjustable brass claw feet for even balancing
  • Insulated body keeps water warm
  • Lightweight with ample space
  • Comes with overflow and waste drain


  • No warranty
  • Faucet sold separately

ARIEL Platinum PW1545930LW1 Whirlpool Bathtub

The Ariel platinum has lots of features that will make you fall in love with it. It is constructed with acrylic sheets and reinforced with fiberglass to enhance durability. It has a heat pump that helps maintain the warmth of the water so that you can enjoy soaking your feet, and the health and skin benefits a hot soak gives. This is not one of those bathtubs that would make you rush your bath so your water wouldn’t get cold.

Designed with this bathtub is a backrest. Since you are planning to soak your feet for a more extended period, then you would need a backrest to relax and enjoy your bath comfortably. Its hydro jets release powerful water pressure and they target every part of your body for a therapeutic massage.

To give you a luxurious spa-like experience, it is equipped with chromotherapy lighting, FM radio, and Bluetooth. Isn’t this amazing?


  • Has the capacity to hold 63 gallons of water
  • Beautiful, classy and deep
  • Features radio, Bluetooth, chromotherapy lighting, hydro-massage jets, and in-line water heater.


  • Single wall
  • No warranty

Best Acrylic Bathtubs – Buying guide

These are some of the things you should consider when buying a bathtub


This is the first factor you should consider because the longevity of your bathtub depends on the material it is made from. A poor-quality material will significantly affect the performance and durability of your tub. So, check for one made with high-quality material.


Will the bathtub fit into your bathroom? Is it spacious enough for you to comfortably sit in? No one wants a tub that will keep their legs in an awkward position while bathing.

Depth and water capacity

Most times, how deep the bathtub is determined its water capacity. A deep tub with high water capacity will offer you a fantastic dip, although this might mean more water consumption.


Also, consider the method of installation. Some bathtubs are very easy to install like freestanding bathtubs, while some require some plumbing work like alcove bathtubs.