Best Kettle Not made in China 2021

Experienced buying a bad kettle? Every kitchen needs one or two kettles; kettles are often multipurpose and needed for your morning coffee; some even make delicious soups in them. In other words, we cannot provide a perfect list of the duties of a kettle in your kitchen.

When it comes to purchasing a kettle, the fact that you expect a single kitchen to last for a reasonable length of time is understandable; however, the presence of inferior made-in-China versions makes a single purchase stressful and time-consuming.

To ensure that you do not need to experience wasting your money and time on kettles that are not worth the price, we provide the list of best kettles that are not made in China.

Top 5 Best Kettles Not Made in China

Reston Lloyd Enamel Tea Kettle

First on our list is the Reston Lloyd Enamel Teakettles. It is built with heavy gauge porcelain and available in different colors to beautify your kitchen. It features a non-fading chip-resistant finish that ensures durability.

This product sports a fold-down nylon handle that can be held when pouring your water. Whether you use this product on electric gas, stove gas, or induction stove, it ensures even heat distribution.

Even better, this enamel kettle ensures that your beverage is heated gently to protect the tea or coffee flavor.

Furthermore, it comes with a lid made of heat-tempered glass that adds to its fancy look and allows users to see your boiling water’s progress. Also, its harmonic hum indicates that water is boiling.


  • Fold-down handle
  • Durable
  • The glass lid allows users to monitor boiling
  • It comes with a direction for use


  • Handle melts at 500 degree

KitchenAid KTEN20SBWH 2.0-Quart Kettle

Experience fancy looks and durability in one product. This attractive made-in USA kettle allows you to prepare tea, delicious soup on the go quickly.

This KitchenAid KTEN20SBWH 2.0-Quart Kettle is another trusted product in the market. It was built with a nicely designed colorful porcelain exterior and a stainless steel interior.

Adding to its fancy look is the silicone grip or handle, built from stainless steel and is uniquely polished for extra elegance. Furthermore, this product features a removable lid that enhances easy cleaning.

This unit is one of the fanciest products you will find out there, crafted with an attractive handle, exterior to add a nice touch to your kitchen and stove top.


  • Awe-inspiring design
  • Removable lid
  • Attractive trim band
  • Attractive handle


  • Inside rust at usage

STAUB Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle

A lot of fancy things come from France, and the STAUB Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle is not an exception. This made to perfection kettle is perfect for every location and allows you to boil water or tea in a fancy yet durable kettle.

It is designed with a smooth enamel bottom perfect for all stovetops and a matte enamel inside that ensures better browning and roasting.

This manufactured in France kettle is extensively built with cast iron to ensure heat retention property and boil faster than a regular kettle.

Even better, this product is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fanhereint. This allows you to shortly warm the beverage; however, you cannot leave it inside the oven for too long to avoid spoiling your kettle. 


Oven safe up to 500F

Compatible with all types of heat sources

Heat retention property

Beautifies your kitchen and countertop


Loose handle

Alessi Shpd Bird Shaped Kettle

Talk of uniqueness in both design and efficiency, then this made in Italy Alessi Shpd Bird Shaped Kettle is what you should consider. It features a unique style that goes beyond regular and gives a perfect look to your stovetop.

It is designed by one of the top designers Michael Graves. This unit was first introduced in 1985, and since then, it has maintained strong control in the market with a growing list of lovers.

The kettle is designed with 18/10 stainless steel and a polished handle. This appliance features a bird-like design that sings (actually, whistle) as your water boils. Plus, it takes out the guesswork and allows users to concentrate on other things. Alessi Shpd Bird Shaped Kettle is easy to clean and use. For cleaning, hand washes with a non-abrasive sponge.


  • Ideal as a gift
  • Unique design
  • Extensively durable


  • Does not really whistle

Yoshikawa Whistling Kettle

While made-in-China kettles may not be recommendable, Japan definitely homes some of the best kitchen appliances. The Yoshikawa Whistling Kettle is one of the made-in-Japan kettles proving this belief.

The model is carefully designed to ensure durability without compromising elegance. It features a nicely designed black handle. The body is built with durable stainless steel that can withstand heat from all types of stovetops.

It also comes with a dual-purpose lid for convenient usage. The stainless steel body ensures heat redistribution to boil water to the desired temperature quickly.


  • Dual-purpose lid
  • Not too heavy even when filled with water
  • Loud whistle but not ear-hurting
  • Pleasant to use


  • The kettle cannot hold 2.5ltr of water as described.


The stress of buying an attractive and durable kettle is often tasking. Due to the array of products out there, you may find yourself spending days picking a single kettle. Whether you are just setting to buy a kettle or already purchased one but need a more durable kettle, our list contains the 5 most durable kettles from trusted brands in different countries except China. We understand the stress and regret that comes with buying a kettle that just does not reflect the price and hopes to help you shop better. Explore our list of not made in China kettles for a durable product that can serve you for long.

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