10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror in Canada 2021

You can only wear perfect makeup when you own a best lighted mirror. It may sound too exaggerated but that’s true since the best lighted makeup mirrors provide you the best light to apply the makeup

However, finding your top one amongst best lighted makeup mirrors on the market today is quite tricky since you need to consider a lot of factors

If you are confused about which lighted mirror to choose, then here are quick reviews of top 10 best lighted makeup mirrors that may help you solve your problem. Let’s check it out now.

Top 10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors 2021 Reviews

1. AirExpect Lighted Makeup Mirror

You will love this mirror of AirExpect because of its beautiful and elegant look. In fact, this product comes with 2 color options (black and white) for you to choose the best one that meets your personal taste

The makeup mirror has a compact size which is accessible to place on anywhere that you like. Plus, this model is covered by the classical diamond patterns, thus, it can blend pretty well with most room decorations. The product is designed following a 90-degree rotating tri-fold style with 3 magnifying panels that can allow you to see clearly your face and apply the flawless makeup. Besides, it also features an anti-rolling stand to put some brushes or lipsticks conveniently.

When it comes to light function, this mirror works quite fine. It is built with 72 pieces of LED bulbs which is claimed to be adjusted in a range of 3,200K (warm tone) to 6,500K (cooler tone). Besides, the product provides you with a sensor switch to change 3 light colors. In fact, thanks to that switch, its light can be easy to control with few simple steps. This model can be powered by batteries or USB cable to enhance its flexible and convenience while using.

However, the minus point for the AirExpect Lighted Makeup Mirror is that it does not last long since some flaws in its design causes it to stop working. Further, some consumers complained that the light is not as bright as the product is advertised.


  • Classical elegant design
  • Compact size
  • 90-degree rotating tri-fold style
  • 3 magnifying panels to see clearer
  • Adjustable LEDs light
  • Anti-rolling brush stand


  • Short lifespan
  • Ineffective LED lights

2. Vimdiff LED Lighted Portable Makeup Mirror

If you want to have a great lighted makeup mirror that can save more space on your counter at an affordable price, then the Vimdiff LED Lighted Portable Makeup Mirror can be your pick.

The most outstanding feature of this product is that it features a powerful suction cup which works following twist mechanism instead of traditional stand base like other products. Therefore, you can attach or detach it without a problem. Besides, the 360° swivel joint can help you adjust to the perfect angle for putting flawless makeup. Further, this one is designed to be handy and easy to bring along.

The make mirror of Vimdiff is advertised to have natural LED lights which can provide the best brightness for your view. It comes with a button to operate the lights. Moreover, the mirror has magnification of 10 times to help you see the details clearly.

However, this model has some flaws in the design of the battery which can not perform functionally and make the light stop working in a short time. Also, the 10x magnification is not well focused.


  • Affordable price
  • Portable size
  • Suction cups to save more space
  • 360-degree swivel joint to find the best angle view
  • Bright LED lights


  • Low durability
  • Flaws in battery
  • Distorted and less than 10x magnification

3. Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

As the name implies, the Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror is best for those who love to check themselves on the way.

Actually, this one is small and handy enough to bring it along with the 5-inch rounded distortion-free mirror. Thus, you can put it easily in your purses or anywhere that you can conveniently take out and use. Moreover, this mirror has two sides that can magnify 1 or 10 times for each to give you the best tool for applying makeup. It looks elegant and stylish and comes with 3 color options for you to pleasantly choose the one that meets your personal taste.

The makeup mirror of Fancii features LED light bulbs which are claimed to light up to 20 000 hours. Plus, its lightbulbs are advertised to closely simulate natural sunlight. Therefore, this mirror will give to you the true colors and correct details.

However, the product uses CR2032 3V batteries to operate which is a little bit inconvenient while using. Besides, it has some flaws in design that make the light stop working or some parts be broken easily. Further, those lights have only 1 color to operate


  • Best compact size
  • Elegant and stylish look
  • Having 10x magnifying mirror
  • Long-lasting LED light bulbs
  • 3 color options
  • Lightweight


  • Low durability
  • Flaws in design
  • Using 3V battery instead of charging one
  • Too small if you want to see whole face

4. Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror has a classic vintage style that can make you be mesmerized.

This product is pretty small with a tall stand which is appropriate for you to put on the makeup table. It features a rounded mirror that can rotate 360 degrees to help you find the right view. Besides, the mirror is designed to be double-side for solid quality and have a magnification of 8 times for a clearer view.   

In terms of the light, instead of using LED lights, this product is built with a 30W incandescent bulb which is bright enough to help you see your makeup. Plus, this light is operated by electricity, thus, you can save more time and money to buy batteries. Most attractively, this product does not have a switch or button to adjust the brightness, instead, it has 3-way touch control in the base stand. You simply touch and adjust 3 levels of brightness from low to high.

However, the minus point for this mirror is that the control is too sensitive which a lightest touch can make light turn on and off. That makes it inconvenient during the times of use. Besides, the mirror is too small if you want to see a full face. Further, the light bulbs may not be as bright as the LED lights.


  • Classical vintage look
  • 8 times magnifying side
  • Ability to rotate 360 degree
  • 3-way touch control
  • Clear mirror


  • Small mirror
  • Too sensitive touch control
  • Not bright enough

5. SunplusTrade Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you want to buy an extra lighted mirror that supports your mirror at home in applying makeup, then the mirror of SunplusTrade can win your ticket.

This is a 7-inch distortion free mirror with a flexible gooseneck which can be adjusted to your favorite angle to help you wear flawless makeup. It comes with a powerful suction cup instead of a stand base for you to attach to anywhere that you like. The magnification of 7 times may not be too strong but good enough to help you see the details clearly.

The product features a bright white LED light bulb which is powered by AA Batteries which allows you to see the true color of images

However, at an affordable price you need to pay, this mirror comes with a poor quality since some units might fail to work and stop working after a few times of use. Besides, it performs reasonably as an extra supportive mirror which cannot replace the real makeup mirror


  • Small and compact size
  • Clear mirror
  • 7x magnifying mirror
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Bright LED light bulb
  • Affordable price


  • Poor quality

6. Anjou LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Anjou LED Lighted Makeup Mirror is one of the best double-sided makeup mirrors that has a beautiful sturdy look

The product features two mirrors on both sides which are: one regular mirror and one 7 times magnifying mirror for you to have the appropriate reflection when applying the makeup. Besides, it can rotate 360 degrees to help get the best angle to see. The mirror is small, handy and blends well with the modern room decoration.

This model also has circle white LED lights which provides you the bright light to see clearer. The button on the stand make it easy to operate

However, the mirror of Anjou uses AA batteries to power up which is a little bit inconvenient when you have to spend money and time to buy it and not eco-friendly. Besides, this one is made of plastic material that does not last long. In fact, the product may stop working after a few times of use


  • Small and compact size
  • Clear mirror
  • 7x magnifying mirror
  • Double-side mirror
  • Bright LED light bulb
  • Affordable price
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Cheap quality
  • Low durability

7. ALBOR Lighted Makeup Mirror

The unique look of the ALBOR Lighted Makeup Mirror can make you feel like a real Hollywood star while using it. In fact, you will get all you need for basic makeup tools while ordering this model

Indeed, this product is designed following Hollywood style with the LED light bulbs attached to the square shaped mirror. It looks beautiful and sturdy with the aluminum frame which can be put perfectly on your desk. Besides, the mirror can rotate freely 360 degrees and is large enough to help you see the whole face to apply makeup conveniently. Plus, this product comes with a small 15x magnifying mirror and beauty blenders with the holders as bonuses.

12 0.6W LED light bulbs of this mirror work quite well since it is claimed to have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Moreover, those lights can be adjusted in 3 colors from cool to warm with smart touch control on the mirror. Also, the product is powered up by electricity

However, at the price you have to pay, the quality of this mirror is quite cheap since it does not work correctly after a few months of use as many consumers complained. Besides, due to its size and electric power, you will need to consider the place to store after purchasing it.


  • Beautiful sleek Hollywood-style design
  • Clear mirror
  • Sturdy frame
  • Large enough to see full face
  • 360-degree free rotation
  • Great package set
  • Adjustable LED light bulbs
  • Smart touch control


  • Cheap quality
  • Quite high price

8. Simplehuman Wall Mounted Sensor Makeup Mirror

If you want a real wall mounted make mirror that has light bulbs, the Simplehuman Wall Mounted Sensor Makeup Mirror can be a great choice.

This product has superb quality with the stainless-steel telescopic swing arm which can be adjusted to the angle that you like. The mirror is designed with a magnification of 5 times to help you see the details clearer. Moreover, it provides you 2 style options: rechargeable and hard wire model and 5 color options to help you comfortably choose the best one that satisfies your demands.

Further, this mirror uses a tru-lux light system which is supposed to mimic the natural sunlight to give the best brightness. Besides, the light is advertised to last up to 40,000 hours on a single charge for a rechargeable model. The most outstanding feature of the product is that it is equipped with automatic sensor on/off which can light up automatically when your face approaches without using button or switch

However, this mirror seems to have some flaws in the design that make it fail to work. In fact, many consumers complained that it stops working after a few times of use. Plus, the customer service is not good either. Compared to the high pride, the product has a cheap quality


  • Sturdy stainless-steel adjustable swing arm
  • Sleek and beautiful look
  • Providing lots of options to choose
  • Clear 5 times magnifying mirror
  • Automatic sensor on/off
  • Bright white LED lights


  • Cheap quality
  • High price

9. Fancii LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

This is another mirror that comes from Fancii that you should check amongst top best lighted makeup mirrors on the market today.

Unlike the Fancii LED Lighted Travel model, this one is better to put it one your makeup desk since it has the height of 12 inches and a sleek sophisticated look which can blend well with most room decorations. It is friendly to the environment since it uses rechargeable batteries to operate instead of traditional ones. Besides, this product has two sizes of mirror: one normal mirror and one small magnetic 10x magnifying mirror which is removable to help you make a perfect makeup.

The tru-glow light system of this product is claimed to provide 2 times brighter than regular light which can provide you true colors of images. Besides, those can be adjusted to 3 different colors to help you have the appropriate brightness for each environment condition.

However, both sizes of the mirror are still too small if you want to see your full face. Besides, you will have to purchase 10x magnetic mirror separately


  • Beautiful sleek design
  • Clear mirror
  • Sturdy frame
  • Adjustable 3-color LED light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • High durability


  • Too small to see the whole face.

10. iHome iCVBT3W Makeup Mirror

If you are looking for a product that is more than just a lighted makeup mirror, then you should check the iHome iCVBT3W Makeup Mirror. Actually, this model can bring great entertainment for you besides helping apply the makeup.

At first glance, you will be attracted by its cutting-edge sleek white look. This one is small and compact which is easy to store at anywhere you like. The most outstanding feature of the iHome iCVBT3W Mirror is that it is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, built-in Speakerphone and Mic, built-in USB port for charging and a Voice Control which can work well with Siri and Google Assistant. Therefore, you can do multitasks conveniently while wearing makeup.

The product features a distortion free mirror which can bring to you true colors of your image. The LED lights can be adjusted by the switch to have from low to high brightness which help you wear the best makeup.

However, even though it is flexible to perform multi tasks, this mirror does not focus much on the main job when the product does not have a magnifying mirror. Further, the light has only one color instead of three like other products. But at the price you have to pay, this one is still one of the top best lighted makeup mirrors that are available on the market.


  • Beautiful design
  • Performing multitask
  • Convenient to use
  • Distortion free mirror
  • Decent quality


  • One color LED lights
  • Does not have magnifying mirror

Conclusion: Our Top 3 Picks

Having a best lighted mirror is a great start to apply flawless makeup since most inside lights cannot provide enough brightness for doing makeup. However, to find the number one that can satisfy all your demands is quite tricky. It will need time and effort to do that. To help you deal with that problem, here is the list of top 3 best lighted makeup mirrors that are chosen based on different categories, which are:

  • The ALBOR Lighted Makeup Mirror is best for a beautiful look
  • The iHome iCVBT3W Makeup Mirror is best for multitask performance
  • The Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror is best for a compact size

Hopefully, this article will help you find your top lighted makeup mirror. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use our contact form to get in contact.

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