Top 10 Best Mattress For Back Pain Canada 2021

Choosing a suitable mattress to get a better sleeping position is not always easy, especially for people with a long history of back pain. We have tried to compile a list of top 10 consumer reports best mattress for back pain. With these types of beds, you can more easily change position while maintaining the best body state.

Top 10 Best Mattress For Back Pain in Canada

King Mattress – Best for heat dissipation

This cushion can cool your body temperature down quickly, thanks to the memory foam gel structure. This bubble layer contains hundreds of millions of open molecules that act as alveolar cells in the lungs. These molecules then create a stream of air at maximum flow to cool the buffer surface and regulate your body’s temperature. 

Additionally, this cushion’s 3-layer design gives you just enough certainty and reduces the pressure on your back very well.

However, the weakness of this cushion is that it is quite soft for some people. Its shape also changed over time as the bubble system broke down after a few years of use.


  • Cool quickly
  • Maximum airflow
  • 3-layer design


  • Too soft
  • Physical transformation over time

The T&N Original mattress – Best for elasticity

T&N Original Mattress has a good balance between the two elements – solidity and elegance – suitable for various needs. 

T&N Original incorporates a proprietary adaptive foam system, which adjusts the volume and elasticity to the user’s preference, far superior to conventional rubber or active foam gaskets. 

The manufacturer also integrates coolants such as graphite and gel in the air bubble layer to maximize heat dissipation and make your back comfortable throughout sleep.

The weakness of this type is its shelf life. You will only take full advantage of this cushion at a maximum of eight months. After that, the bubbles’ quality is reduced, and you will not feel as comfortable as it was at first. Therefore, you need to consider buying another cushioning with a longer lifespan.


  • Solid and luxurious
  • Exclusive adaptive foam
  • Customizable elasticity


  • Poor durability

Novilla Queen Size Mattress – Best for air circulation

The Novilla Queen mattress has a 4-layer foam structure that is exceptionally light and airy. The top layer, which comes in contact with your back while sleeping, has built-in gel foam layers that keep the surface of the bed cool year-round. 

In particular, this foam layer’s structure is also in the shape of an egg carton, increasing air circulation evenly over the entire buffer surface. The bamboo mattress cover design also helps you increase breathing intensity by 30% while sleeping and ensures your sleep will be deeper and longer.

The downside is that it smells pretty bad during the first few days of use. Many people have complained about this issue with the manufacturer. However, the company’s after-sale customer care service is also rated poorly with inferior user support.


  • 4 layers of foam
  • Integrated with cool gel
  • Great air circulation capacity


  • Unpleasant smell

Aquarius Memory Foam Twin Mattress – Best for intricate designs

This cushion is designed with a system of dense air bubbles for more comfortable ventilation and temperature regulation. Moreover, Aquarius Memory Foam Twin Mattress’s design complexity results in a pressure-relieving material in the top foam layer, which can help reduce the pressure on your back. Its air bubbles are not too sensitive to temperature. The exclusive dura I gene foam material can minimize the temperature and increase the surrounding air bubbles’ durability. This feature makes it possible to prolong the mattress’s life of the same type and aid in a better recovery than conventional active foam cushions.

A big drawback of this cushion is that its stiffness is too high for many people. This can create a relatively unpleasant experience for people with chronic back pain.


  • Dense air bubble system
  • Good pressure drop
  • Long service life


  • High hardness

 Zinus Support Plus Mattress – Best for stability

This is the most sturdy mattress in this review. It features a stainless steel spring system design, making the entire padding 10% heavier than the regular mattress’s average gliding mass. This mass difference is for the significantly improved Zinus Support Plus Mattress’s stability and hardness.

The foam used is qualified with the CertiPUR-US certification regarding performance, durability, and content.

The weakness of this paint lies in its durability. Many users report that this mattress will deflate after a short period of use. These bad reviews can affect the Zinus brand in the long run.


  • Stainless steel springs
  • Heavier than usual
  • High-performance air bubbles


  • Poor durability

TUFT & NEEDLE – Best for adaptive foaming technology

This mattress has been proven effective by over 1 million users. This mattress’s main structure is the original T&N adaptive foam system, making it comfortable for users in all sleeping positions. 

The mattress also provides pressure relief in the center of the bed, where your back is most often laid down. Its open-cell structure aids users in changing their sleeping surface to their liking. 

T & N’s adaptive foam can also evaporate condensed heat by particles of gel and graphite underneath its beautiful shell. You will always feel fresh and cool all year round with this cushion.

This mattress’s weakness, which is quite similar to many types of mattresses, is that the air bubbles will shrink after a few years of use. At that time, the mattress’s elasticity will be gone, but instead, your back will be put under more pressure, and the stiffness of the cushion will also increase significantly.


  • Exclusive adaptive foam
  • Airy and cool


  • Poor elasticity
  • Great pressure

Linenspa LS05QQ30GF – Best for comfort

This is a premium version of the Linenspa brand with the outstanding support of memory foam, giving you a feeling of absolute certainty and peace of mind. 

The 1-inch thick surface gel provides compression to relieve the pressure on your back. The use of an active foaming layer also helps distribute heat to cool the mattress’s entire surface. Beneath the gel layer is a support foam up to 4 inches thick, providing incredibly soft support. You will feel most comfortable, and sleep will last longer, thanks to this cushion.

This mattress design is relatively low and breathable, so you can thoroughly combine it as a bunk bed or a bed with wheels for easy mobility.

The main weakness of the Linenspa LS05QQ30GF is that it is not as reliable as advertised. The foam layers are easy to come off, and the quality deteriorates. The degree of finish in the stitches at the bezel edge is also not high. This is a common feature of the cheap products that you must accept.


  • Feeling solid
  • Soft and cool surface


  • Easy to remove air bubbles
  • Low degree of perfection

Nectar TwinXL Mattress – Best for universal design

Internet Retailer has honored this brand as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer in the US. The Nectar mattress is reasonably popular and designed for the masses of casual consumers. 

Recognized as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer, Nectar is an active foam mattress designed for everyone. 

This mattress has a size of 39 “W x 80” L x 11 “H, much more compact than conventional mattresses on the market. Besides, this manufacturer also comes with two premium pillows of the same brand when buying. This is also a strategy to increase the customer experience the supplier has created.

This type of cushion’s weakness is that it takes a relatively long time, from 48-72 hours, to expand in size fully. This decompression time can also be affected by conditions such as weather and temperature.


  • Universal design
  • Compact size


  • Long blooming time

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush – Best for cooling

The UltraPlus mattress design is optimized with two layers of gel-based active foam up to 2 inches thick, capable of in-depth and comprehensive cooling of the bed surface. 

Located between two layers of gel is a layer of dynamic foam that transfers air up to 1.5 inches thick, and the HD Base Foam cushion that supports the 6.5-inch bottom layer. All these components create a 10-inch thick solid mattress that is quite luxurious and noble. 

You can also sleep better with the active foam, which has been thoroughly tested for elasticity and ventilation, helping to eliminate nerve stress and neck and neck pain.

This cushion’s weakness is that the finish’s degree is not high, causing the foam and gel to pour out after a period of use. You will then be able to notice an unpleasant odor due to the breakdown of these gels.


  • 2 layers of active foam
  • 10 inches thick
  • Good elasticity


  • Low degree of perfection

Ashley Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress – Best for layer structures

Design experts quite appreciate the layered structure of this mattress. Plus, it can be packed neatly into a box. So you can easily move it from room to room in a variety of situations.

Even so, the quality of the foam backing is not as good as you might expect. This cushion type is quite stiff overall, and you may experience some problems like back pain if you stay on it for too long.


  • Multi-layered design
  • Neatly packaged


  • Poor sucking ability
  • Hard material


The above is a full review of the top 10 consumer reports best mattress reviews. This article only provides information on the most popular mattresses’ basic pros and cons on the market. After all, the decision is still up to your preferences. We hope this article is of great value for you and helps you find the best mattress to minimize your back pain problems.