Best Salt Free Water Softener Canada 2021

You have got enough of hard water that causes build-up sides the fixtures and appliances, even worse they leave your skin and hair dry and damaged! At that time, you usually look for water softeners as the most effective solution.

Then, do not buy without checking the best salt free water softeners – to be exact, the water conditioners as below.

Top 6 Best Salt Free Water Softeners

iSpring ED2000 for Whole House Water Conditioner

The first salt-free water condition we want to introduce is the iSpring ED2000, one of the bestsellers in the market.

All in all, its lightweight construction that can fit nearly all places. The installation itself is effortless without requiring too many plumbing skills. Both written manual and online tutorials are available, for your reference.

More importantly, its impressive performance allows treating up to 25 grains of hard water per gallon.

Using electromagnetism technology, the unit helps reduce the build-up while it remains healthy chemistry in the water. Accordingly, iSpring ED2000 will stimulate the amount of carbon dioxide released to prevent clogging and limescale over time.

Thanks to its effective performance, you will also do not need to worry about maintenance over time.

In drawbacks, this water softener is not recommended to work with ironed water because there is no pre-filtration included in the package.


  • Efficient performance
  • Compact construction that fits everywhere
  • Easy installation and effortless maintenance


  • Not recommended for water with iron
  • Limited capacity to 25 grains of hardness

Watts Premier OneFlow + Salt-Free Water Filtration System

At first, you might hesitate for some seconds because of the high price of Watts Premier OneFlow. Nonetheless, once you get insight into its features and capacity, you will find it worth every penny.

So far, the water softener by Watts has been well-known for its effective technology to treat the hard scale water, which is Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). Then, the Watts Premier OneFlow is supposed to change the hard minerals into inactive molecules within a salt-free and chemical-free system.

Plus, the unit is powerful enough to supply better water for the whole household of 4 people for several years thanks to its daily capacity of 75 grains per gallon. In addition, the flow rate can be as max as 10 GPM.

In terms of installation, you can quickly mount the unit on the wall or the floor, using the quick NPT adapter. Nonetheless, this process is far from easy if you do not have some DIY skills before. If so, you should get a pro plumber to install and guarantee the whole operation for you.


  • Sufficient working capacity
  • Good at maintaining natural water taste
  • Almost maintenance-free with TAC filters


  • Very expensive
  • Pro installation required

YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System

YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler is the most compact water descaler we find in the market.

Instead of using chemical functionality, this softener treats hard water with electric impulses released from the computerized microchip. To be exact, whenever there is water passing through the YARNA Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler, a signal will be transmitted through the coils and the components inside the softener will work to eliminated water hardness. The capacity is around 15.4 gallons per minute, meaning that it is helpful enough for small households or offices.

As a result, you can avoid the scale buildup and blockage inside the pipes. Not only will you feel better under the shower, but you can save much time and cost in heating water and maintenance.

What we also like about this YARNA Capacitive Electronic is its effective energy consumption. Accordingly, the power output is  4 watts `120 volts.


  • Compact and easy-to-install construction
  • Effective energy consumption
  • Durable materials and reliable warranty


  • The average capacity for small houses
  • A bit expensive

Scalewatcher 3 Original Electronic Descaler

Scalewatcher 3 Original is the next no-salt electronic descaler, promised to deal with problems of hard water and limescale excellently.

Similar to other electronic water softeners, this unit makes use of frequent-changed magnetic and electric fields to simply minimize aquatic crystallization development.

Besides the water softening performance, we appreciate it that the Scalewatcher 3 Original is user-friendly in relation to installation and maintenance. There are copper pipe and surrounding wrapped coils, making it easy to install by anyone. Outside installation is possible, but you still have some external protection on the unit. Thankfully, the manufacturer backs you up with a 10-year warranty.

You will also love this unit more, knowing that it takes impressively little power to operate Scalewatcher 3 Original – only 8 watts when working on 12 volts and 110 wall outlet.


  • User-friendly installation and maintenance
  • Little electricity consumption
  • The USA-made unit with a long warranty


  • Expensive
  • Frequent reset required

Tier1 Essential Certified Series Salt-Free Water Softener

Although Tier1 Essential Certified Series looks very compact and simple – only 10 inches wide and 54 inches tall, this system includes all you need to treat the water hardness in your house.

You will media, flex connector, ball valve, and nipple in the package – Almost ready to use. However, to install the Tier1 Essential Certified Series properly, you must install it with PEX tubing and you need also have basic plumbing skills. Even better, you can customize the filtration according to your requirements, such as the KDF filtration and UV disinfection. This also means easy installation and maintenance later.

The power rating is 48,000 grains of water, enough for a family of 4 people and less to overcome the water hardness, whereas the water remains its natural taste.


  • A complete and compact installation kit
  • Sufficient hardness for 2-4 people families
  • Customization filtration


  • Low capacity, thinking of its price tag
  • Expensive customizations

APEC Water Systems FUTURA

APEC Water Systems FUTURA is the most luxurious water softener you can find on this list. Thus, many of you might wonder whether a softening tool is worth that much.

It makes sense just by mentioning the brand APEC. The company is reliable for years in kitchen and bath items.

Secondly, this salt-free water softener is extremely versatile with the support of the filtration system including Green Carbon 10, Green Carbon 10, Whole House Max 10, as well as Whole House Max 15. Here we focus on Whole House Max 15.

This model adopts innovative technologies to enhance the performance of filtration media and their lifespan. To be exact, this no-salt water softener is enough to handle large households of 3-6 bathrooms at a high flow of 15 GPM.


  • Quality build which lasts for years
  • Various filtration systems available
  • Powerful enough for large houses


  • The most expensive in the list
  • A bit bulky at the fullest package

Last Verdict

Above are the best salt free water softeners you need to consider carefully before you make a purchase. Whatever you might choose, it is still a right time to get such a tool at your house.

Let us know if you have any further problems.

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