10 Best Sofa Brand Reviews Canada 2021

Once you enter someone’s living room, what is the first thing you notice? Usually, it’s the sofa, or as we like to call it – the room’s centerpiece. With that said, your house deserves nothing less than the best sofa Canada.

Yet, not everyone can splurge on the most expensive custom-designed furniture. 

With that in mind, we have set out on a mission: to test different sofas on the market and find out the best sofa with the greatest functionality in its price range .

So without any further ado, here are our recommendations.

Top 10 Best Sofa Brand Reviews

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

The Novogratz Brittany is an excellent futon sofa in its price range. This sofa is packed with features and especially suitable for small houses with children and pets.

The piece has multiple space-saving functions. Its backs can be separately reclined, creating more positions to fit your space. For houses without a guest bedroom, the sofa can quickly turn into an individual bed in just a few steps.

The Novogratz is quite comfy for casual sitting and conversation. Do note that it is quite firm, making it comfortable for a couple of nights couch-surfing, but not a long-term sleeping solution. 

The sofa’s fabric is a bit tough and might feel unpleasant against bare skin. Yet, it boasts excellent resistance against potential damages caused by pets and kids.

All in all, for a rather affordable price, the Novogratz is definitely the best bang for the buck and especially long-lasting for homes with pets.


  • Pet-proof & stain proof
  • Space-saving design
  • Durable


  • Tough fabric against bare skin

Zinus Jackie Upholstered sofa

If you are looking for a lovely sofa that fits both the bill and your petite flat, this is the right choice. 

The sofa comes detached, with pieces all fit into one box. This makes transporting them from the store to home a breeze, plus it would fit regardless of your flat’s measurement. 

Also, if you tend to move regularly, the Zinus Jackie is a perfect choice. Its side and back pieces can slide into place by brackets, making assembly and disassembly absolutely uncomplicated.

Though petite, the Zinus sofa is a real sized loveseat. It can sit 3 people comfortably, again confirming our statement that this couch is ideal for any small apartment.

The Zinus Jackie is quite firm, which can be both a plus and a bummer. Some might find it uncomfortable, while others enjoy its support for their backs. However, its firmness will not make much difference, as the couch will gradually soften over time.


  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Modern design
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Small armrest


The Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET is an ideal convertible piece for small spaces. And here are the reasons for our pick:

First, for a reasonable price, the sofa boasts excellent quality. It has quite a solid build and is made with quality fabric. Its hassle-free assembly is also a plus for small condos. 

At its full capacity, the sofa is somewhere between a twin and a full-size bed. Though comfy, the Serta is better for naps than for a full-night sleep since its extra firmness near the bend areas can be unpleasant for sensitive backs.

The seating area is quite low when the couch is put into an upright position, making the sitting arrangement a little awkward for tall people. 

Do note that the Serta will not hold well for weights over 200 lbs despite its sturdiness and can snap if put under such pressure.


  • Easy assembly
  • Classy and elegant design
  • Easy-to-clean fabric


  • Backrest not as soft

Intex Inflatable Furniture

For travel enthusiasts, on-the-go people, or simply those wanting a cheap temporary substitute while waiting for their actual sofa to arrive, the Intex is the best choice.

The sofa, when deflated, can be folded neatly and conveniently stored or packed for travel. 

The Intex cannot offer what a high-end sectional sofa can, but it by no means lacks comfort. Its suede, felt-like surface is pleasant to the skin. Its big deep seats can easily accommodate a 6ft person lying down. 

Bear in mind that you need an additional pump with all 3 nozzles to properly inflate the sofa. Also, plan ahead a bit before inflating, as some inflation chambers are situated in tight corners. 


  • Sleek looking
  • Comfortable material
  • Easy to move
  • Sturdy


  • Hard-to-clean surface

Christopher Knight Home

Looking for a beautiful vintage-looking piece for your home? The Christopher Knight loveseat is your best friend. 

Talking about visuals, we believe this loveseat tops it all. With design derived from the French colonialism and tuft detailing on the backrest, this settee guarantees to add a nice elegant touch to your living space.

One side note: the settee is low to the ground and is relatively smaller than the standard loveseat. If you intend on pairing the sofa with other pieces, consider measuring them beforehand. It is best used for kids, as adult weights can put some strain on the settee. 


  • Elegant European design
  • Easy assembly
  • Fits the bill


  • Cannot withstand heavy uses

Zinus Mikhail Mid-Century Loveseat Sofa

Zinus strikes again with another loveseat product. The Zinus Mikhail sofa’s design will highlight your room’s Mid-Century aesthetic.

The sofa looks astonishing, and it also performs no bit less. Its sturdy build can hold up to more than 400 lbs. The manufacturer has done an excellent job with its space-saving design, thanks to the lower cushion not being too wide. Generally, when an average man lays on the sofa, there’s no wasted space.

Its firm backrest is perfect for people with back pains, as it gives your back more support. If you enjoy soft sofas, however, the Zinus Mikhail might not be the best choice. All in all, this space-saving sofa is the best fit for troubled backs.


  • Easy assembly
  • Durable yet comfortable fabric
  • Firm backrest


  • N/A

NOUVCOO 2020 Futon Convertible Sofa

The NOUVCOO 2020 sofa is a perfect match for movie enthusiasts in a confined place. Here’s why:

The sofa is designed with entertainment in mind. Its two embedded cup holders offer extra convenience during movie nights. Along with its line upholster, the backs and armrests can be reclined to different positions, yielding more comfort.

Another plus for this product: the backs can quickly be folded back to create a sleeping bed. Combined with its compact design, this is certainly the best for small living spaces.

Do note that the sofa can only accommodate up to 4 people at best due to its compact size. If you tend to have a large get-together, two cup holders will not suffice. You might have to consider getting another NOUVCOO 2020 sofa.


  • Ergonomic and modern design with cupholders
  • Easy assembly
  • Versatility


  • Cannot accommodate many people

Sofa Sack’s Charcoal 5′

The Sofa Sack’s sofa bag is a perfect match for bean bag enthusiasts. They also make a great retro accessory for bedrooms, dorms, and nurseries.

First and foremost, this sofa is huge. It can comfortably accommodate two children or an adult. A child can sit on it with their feet not touching the ground.

Its cover is made out of suede, soft, breathable, and comfortable to the touch. You won’t have to fluff it to cool it down during summer, however, you have to fluff the bag after every use.

The sofa bag does not have a removable outer shell to clean with a washing machine. If you wish to keep it clean and in good condition, we suggest getting a cover or laying a blanket on before sitting. 


  • Sturdy structure
  • Multiple colors
  • Can be shaped to preference


  • Not much back support

Lifestyle Furniture Left Facing 3PC Sectional Sofa

The Lifestyle Furniture’s sofa set is an awesome choice for those searching for an inexpensive and durable sectional. This set is especially suitable for households with pets.

For a very affordable price, the sofa set features multiple pieces: a 3-piece sofa, ottoman, and 2 square pillows. It can withstand a total weight of up to 800 lbs, making it perfect for your family gathering.

Its fabric cover, though not as comfortable as other models’, is surprisingly strong. A large dog can bounce on it without ripping the fabric.

However, keep in mind that the set is an IRREVERSIBLE LEFT-FACING sofa set. We cannot stress this enough, as some customers might have overlooked this information and purchase a set that faces the wrong side.


  • Easy assembly
  • Strong material
  • Easy-to-clean fabric


  • N/A

Shintenchi Wicker Rattan

The Shintenchi Wicker Sofa is a set specifically designed for outdoor uses. Its chic design and vibrant colors will spice up your patio or balcony. We guarantee this outdoor set will be the most value for money at such an affordable price.

The Shintenchi’s sofa is incredibly resilient against weather variants. Made of all-weather PE rattan wicker, the set is waterproof, UV-resistant, and stable. 

Its sturdy build can accommodate a maximum of 300 lbs of weight, the right fit for a family patio sofa. You can freely arrange the pieces according to your preferences.

The set does take some time to put together, depending on how handy you are. Yet, it does come with all the tools needed and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.


  • Easy-to-clean fabric
  • Weather-resistant
  • Have multiple configurations


  • Lengthy assembly

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