10 Best Tens Unit Canada 2021

Do you know your muscles can massage to ease tension and provide you with convenience? Regardless of whether you want to be pain relieved or comfortable, the machine massage will do the job quickly and efficiently. Look no further than this article when you are in desperate need of a better muscle stimulators machine. We have everything you need to know about muscle stimulators which are the top best tens unit following.

Top 10 Best Tens Units Reviews in Canada

Roscoe Medical DT7202 – Best For Customizable Pain Management

TENS 7000 is a great kit with the settings customizable pain management from 1 to 60 minutes with 5 modes can be intensity, pulse width, and frequency until the right balance to personalizing your pain.  

The device incorporates dual channels such that two or four pads can be used simultaneously and the plumbing wires are wide enough to enter many areas simultaneously. It helps you to use any part of your body easily.

The machine has a perfect range of intensity between 0-100 mA. It is sufficient since the primary aim of the treatment is the sensory nerves and the procedure effectively as the proper stream passes through the molecules to depolarize them.

However, when you consider purchasing this machine then you should prepare the rechargeable batteries in case the battery does not work well.


  • Customizable pain management
  • Dual channels
  • The perfect range of intensity


  • Battery weak

Belifu EMS 24 Unit – Best For 24 preprogrammed massage modes

Belifu EMS 24 Unit designed 24 preprogrammed massage modes with multi-functional for pain and muscle relief. This muscle stimulator is an effective tool to tackle chronic pain.

With an A/B Dual Channel system, the machine offers user control over the different modes and will accommodate a maximum of 20 strength and timed control levels. Hence, you can control the power to achieve better results when you are comfortable.

The built-in Lithium battery will last for 20 hours and set up an easy connection with a USB cable or a power bank to charge. By doing this, the machine is a handheld device for an entire day of use with a single charge.

The pads of this device did not stick enough for a long time so you should get more of the pad extra when purchase.


  • 24 preprogrammed massage modes
  • A/B Dual-Channel system
  • The built-in Lithium battery


  • The pads do not stick enough for a long time

AUVON AS8012041 Muscle Stimulator Machine – Best For Independent Mode Control

AUVON TENS Unit machine provides independent mode control to specify custom intensities for various channels in different areas. Hence, this device improves your health and treats pain in any part of your body. 

AUVON machine offers 24 industry leaders that provide excellent self-adherence and hassle-free cleaning after using more than 40 times, ensuring that they remain as good as fresh. With compact pain the formed 2ft TENS electrodes are preferred. In the meantime, the larger 2ft x4ft patches are ideal for large areas. 

Moreover, you can easily choose 20 modes programmed on this device, which helps to alleviate pain from fatigue and muscle problems in the knee, back, etc have to pain management whenever it is necessary.

With a blue backlight, this device is highly bright and makes it hard to use in a bright space. If you reduce tone the brightness on the screen would be useful for users.


  • Independent mode control
  • 24 industry leader
  • 20 modes programmed


  • Bright screen

NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – Best For Multi-pre-programmed Massage

The NURSAL B01F798R0S of muscle stimulators utilizes electronics, as is natural human massage, to animate muscles through multi-pre-programmed massage methods that relieve pain or alleviate muscle rigidity. This device will help those joints, shoulder discomfort, and many other lesions reduce.

This device is a leading industrial pain reliever massager with 8 pads and 10 intensity settings, which are delivered relaxation slowly increasing and decreasing to accommodate various body needs.

There is also a wide LCD animated screen, customizable settings, and an integrated timer in this machine. It will help to power-save with an integrated 10-hour lithium rechargeable battery when the timer runs out and shuts down automatically, you can use it for a long day anytime and anywhere.

The settings are not remembered by the device so you need to adjust quickly the configuration at all times. 


  • Multi-pre-programmed massage
  • 8 pads and 10 intensity settings
  • Wide LCD animated screen and 10-hour lithium rechargeable battery


  • The settings memory

Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Machine – Best For Easy-to-adjust Intensities

Tens Unit Plus is ideal for people trying TENS for the first time, and for those who know they want to use it for temporary relief with easy-to-adjust intensities and a maximum power output among the highest of any system.

Tens Unit Plus also offers 6 modes and 4 different frequencies which are Acupuncture, Foot, Tapping, Deep Tissue, Combo, and Cupping, you can quickly adjust a feeling that is as intense or weak as you choose.

To gain a better customer experience, Tens Unit Plus designed a large screen LCD with a user-friendly interface that makes it simpler to operate and install for everyone, especially the elder.

However, the management system of this device is hard to choose preprogrammed massage modes immediately when the user needs to go through the entire process.


  • Easy-to-adjust intensities
  • 6 modes and 4 different frequencies
  • Large screen LCD with a user-friendly interface


  • The management system difficult to choose modes

OMRON Max Power Relief TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – Best For Customize Control

OMRON Max Power Relief TENS Unit is ideal for those with lower back pain or repetitive knee and shoulder pain. This machine is simple to customize and personalize with modes to achieve much of your pain.

OMRON TENS technology prevents the pain signal from the brain and increases the distribution of the blood to particular locations and activates natural painkillers in your body. 

The OMRON Max power relief for all your pain control needs with the convenient, automatic long-life pads (1 pair) can be used again up to 150 times and fitted with a plastic holder for storage. 

The pads of this machine are stickless after use for a long time, you should prepare extra pads for your convenience.


  • Customize control
  • TENS technology
  • Long-life pads


  • The pads stickless after a long time

[email protected] TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – Best For Independent Dual Channels

The [email protected] TENS is a great design a double output with 4 electrode pads can be attached and used simultaneously so that various muscle groups can massage quickly. It has proved a natural method to alleviate pain without drugs.

The machine works on independent dual channels simultaneously with different strength and mode choices on various body parts. It will help people that enjoy lengthy and soothing massages.

The [email protected] TENS provides adjustable pulse stimulation speed with 6 modes and 10 intensity options. This machine helps tone muscles and strengthen them, increasing stamina for your body.

The machine is unable to automatically shut-off as other machine management systems, it will be a disadvantage saving power for the battery.


  • Double output with 4 electrode pads
  • Independent dual channels
  • 6 modes and 10 intensity options


  • Unable to automatically shut-off

TENKER EMS TENS Unit – Best For A double output system

TENKER EMS TENS Unit has a double output system that allows two separate body parts to use simultaneously. It comes with double leads and sockets that allow you to simultaneously use up to four pads for your body to relax. 

TENKER EMS TENS Unit allows adjustable timer and intensity with the time limit is from 10-60 minutes and the default time is 20 minutes. Twenty different strength levels make it easy for you to find one that fits your requirements.

With 16 pre-programmed modes designed that are used to reach muscle groups deeper or more efficiently with body simulation technologies. 

The rhythmic and intensity of the machine are not quick or heavy enough to reduce shoulder or back pain.


  • A double output system
  • Adjustable timer and intensity
  • 16 pre-programmed modes


  • The rhythmic and intensity quickness

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator – Best For EMS massage programs

The iReliev TENS unit has 14 specific methods of therapy. All these modes are grouped into several effects so that changing them will improve the massage experience for your health.

This unit provides six EMS massage programs to support you with your muscle. Besides the following, you can also use 8 TENS massage modes specially developed to help alleviate muscle and nerve pain, including arthritic pain.

The TENS unit is a wonderful thing because it is compact and lightweight. You can use this wherever you want, be it on your way to work or when you do many jobs around the house. Naturally, while you are sitting on a sofa watching a favorite TV series, you can also enjoy a soothing massage.

Since this is for security purposes, the system might have a possible issue while the device is plugged in, thus it might be inconvenient. 


  • 14 specific methods of therapy
  • EMS massage programs
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The device unable to a plugin

Xpoint Dual Channel Luxury TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator – Best For High-Quality Materials

Xpoint Dual Channel Luxury TENS EMS Unit different from other machines with the luxurious design black-and-gold finish with high-quality materials and featuring leather dust-proof downside that make sure long-life for your machine.

With a time control feature, the Xpoint Dual muscle massage machine uses bioelectric and electromagnets to rapidly relieve muscular discomfort, joint pain, and tension.

Xpoint Dual TENS provides 24 massage methods with A/B dual channels. You can enjoy a light pressed touch or a full-strength massage with 20 levels of massage pressure. It is a perfect device for long-distance drivers, athletes, the elderly, or employees who are continuously troubled by muscle and nerve pain.

The issue with this machine is the lead lines shrink when they are worn, it is hard to put pads on body areas without assistance, so you always need someone to help you put it on your body.


  • Luxurious design with high-quality materials
  • A time control feature
  • 24 massage methods with A/B dual channels


  • Needing someone to put pads on the body