7 Walk In Tub Reviews 2021

Having a bathtub that is comfortable for every member of a family to use is a great thing. But getting the best types of this tub might seem like a difficult task. One of the bathtubs with this feature is the walk-in bathtub. This bathtub allows both the disabled and the enabled to access it with ease. It also has a low step-in threshold that gives room for easy exit and entry of a user whenever the tub is used.

With this tub, a user can hardly get injured or a due to the availability of a slip-resistant. This article aims to give the best types of these various walk-in bathtubs that any home can get for absolute comfort.

Top 7 Walk in Tub Reviews

Arista 27” × 53” Left Drain Air & Whirlpool Fully Loaded Walk-In Bathtub

What makes this bathtub unique is that it comes with a wide range of health benefits apart from a comfort bath. It features 12 hydrotherapy water jets and 20 air massage therapy jets. Unlike most walk-in tubs, this bathtub is easy to install and does not require the service of a plumber. For your adequate warm bath, this tub comes with an in-line water heater. The tub is made from reinforcement fiberglass that gives reliable and durable.

For adequate safety of its user, the product comes with three bar grab and a slip-resistant surface that helps to prevent accident or injury.

Furthermore, it constructed using stainless steel that restricts the activities of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew from moving around the surface. This stainless steel also helps to protect the tub from fading or discoloration. It is an ADA-compliant tub. Operating this product cannot come any easier with its easy use electronic soft-touch control pad.


  • Features 12 hydrotherapy water jets and 20 air massage therapy jets
  • ADA-compliant
  • Has stainless steel
  • Made from reinforcement fiberglass
  • Comes with an electronic soft-touch control pad


  • Complicated installation procedure

Empava 53” White Walk-In Bathtub

If you are in search of an affordable walk-in tub with great design and outstanding performance, then this tub is a good option for you. Do you know what? This tub is a universal one in which young, elderly ones, disabled, and anyone with limited mobility can have easy access to it. It is not surprising that it is certified by the ADA. Apart from this quality, this product pore is another feature that makes it unique. One, it comes in make step-in threshold that makes it easy and comfortable to enter and exit it.

Also, it is made from acrylic material that does not only make it durable but also gives the seat a sleek design. It has a white color that gives elegance to the bathroom and at the same time make the tub attractive. The possibility of accident or injury with this tub is low, as it features three grab bar for adequate safety of the users. It has 94 gallons of water capacity. This tub is thoroughly tested with a 3-year warranty.


  • ADA-compliant
  • Features 3 grab bar
  • Has a 3-year warranty
  • Comes with a low threshold
  • Not expensive


  • Not eligible for international shipping

Ella Bubbles 60” × 30” Companion Massage Walk-In Tub

Are you a couple who love to take a bath together? Then this bathtub is the right choice for you. This is one of the best luxury bathtubs in the market. It comes with a lot of features that makes it a unique one. For instance, it has a slip-resistant that protect a user from an accident or injury while using the tub. Also, this item is made from acrylic material that makes it strong and durable and at the same time giving elegance to the bathroom.

What’s more? It features a white acrylic gloss finish that prevents the movement of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew that cause stain and scratches on the surface of the tub. Also, its unique finish makes it odorless. Moving on, this tub comes with stainless steel construction, that makes it durable and prevent fading. This tub has a low step-in threshold that gives a user easy entry and exit from the tub.


  • Has a large space for two users
  • Comes with a slip-resistant surface
  • Features a white acrylic gloss finish
  • Has low step-in threshold
  • Does not smell


  • Expensive

ARIEL Bath EZWT-3060-R Dual 6 Whirlpool and 18 Air Jet Series In-line Heater Walk-in Bathtub

This best walk-in tub provides any home can get for adequate comfort. This tub comes in a wide range of outstanding features that distinguish it from another tub. One, this tub is an ADA-compliant that allows all age and sizes including the disabled to enjoy easy exit and entry from it.

With this product, you can hardly get injured or experience any form of accident due to its slip-resistant surface. Also, this tub has a low step-in threshold that gives users easy access to it.

Plus, this tub features an in-line water heater that provides users with the opportunity to either has a warm bath or a cold bath. The item is made from both reinforcement fiberglass and high glossy white, which does not only makes the tub attractive alone but also add elegance to the bathroom. Lastly, it has stainless steel with large water of 89 gallons of water.


  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Comes in a low step-in threshold
  • Features an in-line water heater
  • Large water capacity
  • ADA-compliant


  • Complicated installation procedure

American Standard 32”× 52” Right Hand Outward Opening Door Value Series Walk in Whirlpool

If you are in search of a bathtub that combines a great, sleek design with unique performance, then this tub is your best option. This tub is a right-hand outward opening one that gives room for adequate comfort in the tub for serene relaxation. It has a whirlpool massage system that helps to soak away all stress and pains encountered during the long day work. This item has a compact design and does not require a large place for installation.

Nevertheless, it features a leg-only massage system for treating all body infections. With its in-line water heater, the user can have both warm and cold bath. Moreover, it comes with a slip-resistant surface that helps to avoid injury or accident. It is made from a fiberglass material which makes it more robust and durable. It has a 10-year limited warranty on the tub and 5-year warranty on the tub component.


  • Long term durability
  • Made from a fiberglass
  • Has slip-resistant
  • Features leg-only massage system
  • Has a unique design


  • Expensive

Ella’s Bubbles 02SA3260HH-R Tub4Two Acrylic Hydro Massage+Heated Walk-In Tub

There are a number of reasons why we have chosen this tub has one of the best walk-ins. Firstly, this tub is a luxury tub that performs effectively and efficiently with its price. It features 22 hydromassage jet that helps to provides the body with a beautiful bath with comfort during usage.

Moreover, it is made from a high gloss white finish that ensures that the activities of microorganisms surface of the tub are reduced. The glossy finish also helps to keep the tub clean and odorless.

Moving on, it features a heated seat and a backrest for relaxation during usage. Also, it comes with a faucet that helps to maintain consistent temperatures in the tub. This tub comes with a dual flush that gets rid of water out of the tub fast.


  • Has glossy finish
  • Comes with 22 hydro massage jet
  • Has dual drain
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Features heated seat and backrest


  • Expensive

Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws Rectangular Soaking Walk-In Bathtub

Unlike most walk-in bathtub, this tub comes in a rectangular shape that gives total comfort and freshness to the user. It has an effective drain system that is located on the left-hand side of the tub. This drain helps to remove all water from the tub in a jiffy without leaking on the floor.

Also, it features a low step-in threshold that allows a user to enter and exit without much stress. Furthermore, this tub is made from acrylic material that does not only make the tub durable and robust but also gives a sleek design to the tub and the bathroom at large.

Nevertheless, it comes with a white gloss finish that protects the surface of the tub from stain or scratches. That’s not all: this fantastic tub is certified by the ADA for a universal height quality. It gives maximum protection to the users especially from injury and accident as it comes with a slip-resistant surface.


  • ADA compliant
  • Has a slip-resistant surface
  • Features a gloss finish
  • Made from acrylic material
  • Has an effective drain


  • Complicated installation procedures

Best Walk-in Tub – Buying Guide

A walk-in bathtub is an outstanding tub that every home should have. This is as a result of the unique features it posses. For instance, unlike most tubs, this tub caters for the young, elder, disabled and those with limited mobility. Plus, it comes with sleek designs that make it suitable with most modern bathroom.

Now that we have gotten the knowledge of a walk in tub and how it operates, this idea would be little or useless without knowing the factors to consider when you are going for one or things to look for in one. This buying guide would help you with that. These various factors are:


Most walk-in tubs come in a large size which most times does not fit in smaller bathrooms. So before going for a walk-in tub, you should consider the length and size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, then a walk-in tub with compact design is suitable for you. But if you have a large bathroom, then you can opt in for a large bathtub.

It is important to know that large size bathroom gives adequate comfort compared to the small size. Just that small size provides room for the installation of other bathrooms material which might be difficult to do in large size fun.


Most of the walk-in tubs either have a complicated installation procedure or does not come with any installation instruction or even comes with a complicated one. So if you are going for a walk-in bathtub and you don’t want to spend extra money on installing it, it is advisable to go for does which does not require you to order for the service of a plumber. This installation procedure has been discussed among the selected best walk-in tubs.


It is also an important factor to consider before going for one. This is because most walk-in tubs come with a pricey price tag. So if you are a low-income earner, or you are on a budget, it is advisable to look for tubs with a low price tag that can suit your taste.

And if you can afford the luxury ones, then don’t hesitate to go for it.

Although the price of a bathtub determine its quality, yet there are some tubs with a low price tag offering astonishing quality and performance.


If you are looking for the best walk-in tub, it might be difficult if you are not putting the material of construction into consideration. This is because this material determines its durability and strength. For instance, a tub made from acrylic material although it comes with a sleek design does not last for an extended period before it becomes fading or discovering. While the ones made from reinforcement fiberglass or an Americast material tends to last for a long time and are reliable. Also, it is essential to look for materials that have microbial features that help to prevent the movement of microorganisms around the surface of the tub.


A walk-in tub can either have an inward swinging door or an outward swinging door. But it is essential to know that an outward swinging door helps to provide a comfortable space inside the tub compared to the inward swinging door.

The outward swinging tub also is the perfect match for most people on a wheelchair to have access to it compared to an inward swinging door. However, an inward swinging tub tends to last for an extended period compared to an outward swinging tub. Remember to check the easiness in closing any of these two door types.


The step-in of a bathtub is also a crucial factor to put into consideration before going for a walk-in tub. This step-in can be low on or a high one. It is advisable to go for a tub with low step-in compared to one with high step-in. For low step-in, a user can exit and enter it freely without stress.

Also, the low step-in is resistant to injury since you don’t have to stress your leg much before accessing it. While a high step-in tub helps to prevent the seeping of water out of the tub compared to the low one. So if you are going for a walk-in tub, you have to decide on this.


The drain system of a walk-in bathtub is a significant aspect to take note of. What makes a tub outstanding is its power to remove used water from the tub as quickly as possible. So if you are going for a walk-in tub, check for drains that can help you get rid of used water in a jiffy and at the same time supplying a new one instantly. It is advisable to go for a tub with dual drain system which tends to give you adequate satisfaction. Also, you have to choose if you want you the drain located at the right-hand side of the tub or the left-hand side or the center of the tub.


Most of the users of a walk-in bathtub prefer a bathtub that gives adequate comfort while using it. The chair of the tub determines this to a great extent. A chair of a tub for satisfaction must come along with a backrest and a dual armrest for easy soaking away of stress and pains of the body. So a bathtub with a comfortable chair height is advisable for any user going for this tub. Also, a slip resistant and a grab bar must look for in a tub for adequate protection from injury and accident.

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